We’re thrilled to announce that Public Beta Phase I is now available. Enjoy your time with DRIVEZ and make profit now! 🔥🔥🔥 Make sure you’re not missing these amazing features:

🚗 Drive To Earn
💰 Deposit and Withdrawal
🌎 MarketPlace
☄️ Parts and Boosters
📅 Daily Missions

🌕 Enjoy earning and stay tuned for special events ahead!✨

🌙 Learn how to earn here: 🍀

— —

❗️ IMPORTANT: Users must re-install the official app to enter DRIVEZ Public Beta Phase I. ❗️

For iOS: 🍀

For Android: 🍀

📍 The DRIVEZ team is always willing to improve based on users’ feedback.

🖋 Should you come across any issues during your time with DRIVEZ, please provide your thoughts here


👉 DRIVEZ’s operating mechanism

👉 Details about Public Beta Phase I’s outstanding features: Drive To Earn, Deposit and Withdrawal, MarketPlace, Parts, and Boosters, Daily Missions

👉 DRIVEZ’s tokens (DRIV & INCO)

👉 Earning tutorials and FAQs (How to level up,…)

Equip yourself with authentic information to maximize your profit!

And do you know how to generate sustainable profit with DRIVEZ?

👉 Own DRIV in the in-app wallet

🚗 Within levels 1–30, after each trip users will earn INCO, which is used for operating cars and leveling up.

💲 When a vehicle is leveled up, its earning metrics will be increased corresponding to the car type and rarity. And in order to buy Parts and Boosters or uplevel your car, you need to own DRIV in the in-app wallet.

Therefore, make sure you buy the dip on Bybit and Pancakeswap to optimize your profit with DRIVEZ. 🤑🤑

👉 Use your token wisely. According to DRIVEZ team, here is the priority list when using INCO:

1️⃣ Repairing cars and always keeping the Reliability metric over 90. This will help you earn a maximum INCO amount.

2️⃣ Restoring gasoline based on your amount spent

3️⃣ Leveling up your vehicle

There’s a simple fact: You need to cover all operating fees before thinking about leveling up your car.

👉 Transfer BNB into your in-app Wallet

Transfer BNB to in-app wallet and keep some BNB in your Wallet account.



DRIVEZ is a Web 3.0 lifestyle application and first NFT DAO mixed up with GameFi and CommunityFi.

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DRIVEZ is a Web 3.0 lifestyle application and first NFT DAO mixed up with GameFi and CommunityFi.