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After a long wait, DRIVEZ will unveil its latest strategy-based — public testnet version on Friday, June 17th, 2022! The public testnet is a fresh twist on the ever-expanding of DRIVEZ, which offers the unique opportunity to earn $tDRIV for the public and convert them into $DRIV. Let’s take a look at the detail below:

Event Timeline: 17:00 UTC I June 17th — July 6th, 2022

Available features & Terms :
+The Alpha testnet is accessible to the public.
+Testers have early access to DRIVEZ app with full features.
+Users receive two test NFT cars and use them to start earning the test token $tDRIV and have chance to convert into $DRIV. The conversation rate will be announced at the testnet end.
+Parts and boosters are available to trade on the Marketplace.
+Users can upgrade, repair their cars with parts, and boosters to enhance the car’s stats, then improve the earning performance.
+A three-level referral program is activated so that users can invite their friends to join Drivez and get a reward of $tDRIV. The more friends they invite, the higher reward they have.

Please note that the test NFTs will be reset when the public testnet program ends.

Besides the rewards in $tDRIV, users have the opportunity to participate in numerous exciting events with epic prizes.


We are hosting the first NFT giveaways for the top-performing referrers. The more friends you refer, the higher reward you receive.

Time: 17:00 UTC I June 17th — July 6th, 2022

Reward pool: 10 NFT Cars for the top 10 referrers who invite the most friends to download the DRIVEZ application
Top 1: 1 NFT Superior Car
Top 2: 1 NFT MPV Car
Top 3: 1 NFT Pickup Car
Top 4: 1 NFT Hatchback Car
Top 5: 1 NFT SUV Car
Top 6–10: 1 NFT Sedan Car for each

How to get the referral code: get the referral link and code in your profile and share it with your friends.


- Your invited friends have successfully downloaded the app. The earning will be kick-off when vehicles reach 20 km/ h for the first time on the trip.
— If You use the advantage of a bug, your account will be suspended.

The special Bug Bounty program will reward the top-performing bug researchers in the DRIVEZ Public testnet. The program will help improve the user experience and security of the DRIVEZ system.
Time: 17:00 UTC I June 17th — July 6th, 2022
Reward pool: $1000 for the top 10 contributors.
*Equivalent value rewards include 50% USDT + 50% DRIV

1️⃣Reported bugs are only qualified if they are system errors. User errors will not be counted as eligible bugs.
2️⃣In the case of multiple reports of the same bugs, we will only reward the contributor who submits the most qualitative and earliest report.
3️⃣Rewards will be issued within 14 days after the program ends.
4️⃣Submit bugs in this form: <FORM>

We are excited to invite all DRIVEZ’s community members who love creating content to join the campaign and share a 1550$ reward

Time: 17:00 UTC I June 17th — July 6th, 2022

Reward pool: $1550 (Equivalent value rewards include 50% USDT + 50% DRIV) for 10 qualitative videos with the highest number of viewers
Top 1 : $300
Top 2 : $200
Top 3 -10: $150

Rules and conditions:
· Participants create the video about DRIVEZ Project, including the topics related to DRIVEZ Project review, sharing DRIVEZ’s drive-to-Earn experiences, etc,…

· The video duration is not over 30 minutes.

· Participants have to share their videos on any social channel including but not limited to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, etc,… with Hashtag #DRIVEZ#Drive2Earn#Testnet,

· Participants have to complete all the following tasks so that the video is considered valid

  • Like and Follow DRIVEZ’s social channels | Twitter | Discord | Youtube
  • Join the DRIVEZ Telegram community HERE.
  • Share the announcement article about DRIVEZ Content Creation on their social channels.
  • The video should not contain sensitive content relative to politics, other organizations, or other projects.
  • Do not use third-party software to run interactions.

    How to count the points: for each video, you will gain a point based on the number of comments and shares:
    · One comment equal to 1 point
    · One share equal to 2 points

After everything is done. Fill out this <FORM>

Step 01:
Download DRIVEZ app iOS & Android

- For Android:

- For iOS:

Step 02: Register an account with your email, password, and referral code (if any). Enter a verification email of a 6 digits OTP code that will be sent to your entered email address.
Step 03: You receive two test NFT cars in your wallet. Move outdoors with your transportation and tap “DRIVE NOW” to start earning.
Step 04: You can upgrade your car by tuning parts and boosters that you can buy on the Marketplace. It helps to enhance earnings performance.




DRIVEZ is a Web 3.0 lifestyle application and first NFT DAO mixed up with GameFi and CommunityFi.